Most couples don’t have to question whether or not they are in need of marriage counseling Bethesda, MD clinics offer, because when you know, you know. But before you make a decision about heading for divorce, you might want to consider trying out marriage counseling first. Relationships are not easy, especially romantic ones and those where you live and operate in very close quarters. Considering your options, it might be worth at least trying to improve your relationship and rekindling that old love before giving up on it. Even if you’re not to the point where you would be considering divorce, there is no shame in working through any struggles that you and your spouse have. Your relationship is worth it, both people just need to be willing and on board for making the relationship better.

  • You Don’t Enjoy Doing Things Together Anymore
    Think back to when your relationship first began. What did you enjoy doing together? Would you still want to do those things with your spouse? If not, you may want to think about why that is. You likely have a bundle of emotions to unpack as you consider these things, which is where an experienced therapist can step in to help you unpack those emotions with your spouse. There is a good chance that your spouse is feeling some of the same things as you, but may also be unsure of how to dig them out and express them. There is a certain amount of vulnerability that you may need to show during therapy, but many people feel more comfortable expressing those things with a therapist present to facilitate the conversation. 
  • You Just Can’t Seem to get Along
    If you and your spouse just don’t really enjoy being around each other anymore or can’t agree on anything, then you may be past due for speak with a therapist. However, it is not too late, but it might take time to work through some of these things and relearn how to get along and work through disagreements instead of just dropping them or fighting about them without really coming to a solution.
  • Every Conversations End in a Fight
    Communication is a key component of any relationship. If you and your spouse can’t seem to have any effective communication, you may benefit from having some conversations with a therapist to facilitate and help you work through some of the common ones you have that end in fighting. Your therapist will help to make sure that both people get to talk, be heard, and hopefully their point of view understood. Not being understood is sometimes the root cause of ineffective communication that leads to fighting. 

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