When choosing where to buy market data, shop with discernment.

Success dictates that a company understands what its customers want and is able to supply that demand. However, that can be easier said than done. After all, how does a company identify emerging industry trends and rising consumer demand while focusing on providing their products or services? Though some data can be collected and analyzed in-house, much is outside their reach due to demands on resources; time and expertise among them. If your company is considering whether or not to hire a market research company, it’s important to also consider where to buy market data and from whom 5000 was identified as one of the nation’s fastest growing private companies. We are proud of the success we have helped our clients achieve. When armed with targeted, actionable market research data, a company can make informed decisions about everything from advertising strategy to product packaging to branding. As your company deliberates on where to buy market data, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

Here are four reasons to consider hiring a market research company to provide you with the critical information you need:

1.    The information is not publicly available. When consumers make purchasing decisions about household items or give money to charities, very often this data is not available to the public. However, privately held information is a specialty of market research companies such as MarketResearch.com.

2.    The information is publicly available, but challenging to obtain. For instance, certain types of data may be available from a limited number of government sources, but the workers tasked with responding to information requests may be reluctant (at best) to provide it. This leads to frustration and wasted time. MarketResearch.com has developed numerous professional relationships within and without the public sector in addition to government agencies.

3.    The information you need goes beyond the purview of facts. When your company requires predictive information, such as which consumers will be most likely to purchase new automobiles, you require more than data sheets. Specialists can analyze data and provide facts, summary information, and identify emerging industry trends.

4.    The information only pertains to certain individuals. Open data sources such as those available through the federal, state, and local governments is typically limited to only providing information that is transactional. In other words, the data is limited to individual transactions such as property sales and purchases, permitting, and licensing. A credible market research company gathers data that goes far beyond transactional interactions of a targeted group of people.

Where to buy market data?

Our clients with high-quality, actionable data that target their demographics and specific areas of interest. Whether your company is a product manufacturer or is in the services industry, you need data that can help you make the right decisions. Contact us today to learn more about the market research we perform, and the information we provide to our clients. So, when choosing where to buy market data, shop with discernment, and rest assured you have come to the right place when you choose us.